Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hubby's Breakfast Sandwich How-to

One way we save a significant amount of money each week and stick to our $100/week grocery budget is by making my husband these easy, homemade breakfast sandwiches. I set aside less than an hour over the weekend to prepare and freeze these for the week. Before I head to bed each night I place one into the refrigerator to thaw and heat them up in the oven the next morning while hubby gets ready.

I use either my homemade bagels/english muffins or ones that I find on sale

I fry up eggs on the griddle to go with however many breakfast sandwiches I'm making. This week I had 6 bagels, 1 English muffin (left over from last week) and 1 sandwich roll (also left over from last week). As you can tell, I don't let anything go to waste, so I find a way to use up things we have.

Depending on what is on sale or has the best price, I buy either sausage, bacon or ham. Make sure you check your local farm stand or meat market - many times you can find the best prices here. I always shop around, though. This week maple breakfast sausage links were on sale at our grocery store, so I just cook and split them in half to place on the sandwiches.

I also had a roll of pork sausage. I made patties and cooked them on the griddle as well. Just place on paper towel when done to absorb excess grease.

I freeze these sandwiches in aluminum foil since I toast them in the oven. If you plan to microwave instead just remember to remove the foil or plastic wrap - whatever you decide to freeze them in. Alright, so onto assembling the breakfast sandwiches.

First I place the egg onto the bagel.

Next, the meat.

Lastly, the cheese.

Place other bagel half on top

and wrap the foil around the sandwich.

Place all the sandwiches in the freezer and you're done!

 See how simple that is? Now you don't have to worry about your husband going without breakfast, or going through the drive-thru in the morning. You save so much money preparing his breakfasts, whether it be breakfast sandwiches or breakfast burritos -both freeze well. Just send him off with his sandwich, a fruit and coffee and he will be one happy man!

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