Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 4: Breakfast & Lunch on a $100 weekly food budget

Yesterday our daughter had rehearsal for her part in the Nutcracker performance tonight. My dad joined us and he treated us to dinner last night to a Chinese buffet that is my absolutely favorite! So, I only have breakfast and lunch in this post :)

For breakfast we had granola cereal with whole milk and a side of sliced apples. The apples were only 79 cents per pound our last $100 weekly grocery trip. The granola cereal is Sunbelt brand, for which I had a coupon for. 

For lunch we enjoyed homemade italians and chips

I wanted to be sure I squeezed this post in before we head out for the show tonight. Hope everyone is having a blessed weekend! Stay tuned for our next $100 food budget post.

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