Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 1: Three meals on a $100 per week grocery budget - not bad!

Yesterday I shared our absolute excitement about us on our way to debt-free living, and our plan to do so! I mentioned that we are also feeding our family on a $100 per week grocery budget. Here is a look at our meal plan for today (excluding hubby's breakfast and lunch, which you can read about in this post, too)

For breakfast the kids and I had oatmeal, orange slices and a glass of whole milk.

Lunch was macaroni and cheese, celery & carrots with ranch dressing

The kids snacked on homemade popsicles Haley made over the weekend (orange juice and water) and tortilla chips.

Since the kids have their Christmas piano recital tonight, I prepared a Shepherd's pie this morning. All I have left to do is roast the side of brussel sprouts. When we get home I'll just pop the Shepherd's pie in the oven to heat dinner will be served!

The Shepherd's pie was one of my plan-around-what-we-already-have meals. I do this pretty often, actually, and it saves us from extra-spending and reduces waste. I already had a bag of frozen corn from early fall in the freezer.

My father-in-law blessed us with ground venison over the weekend, so I sauteed that up with minced garlic, salt and pepper.

I bought a 5 lb bag of potatoes during this week's grocery trip to spread across a few different meals. I already had butter on hand, so I boiled and mashed! Easy, affordable dinner!

What I love about having a meal plan is that it literally prevents waste. No kids snacking through the cupboards, no picky-eating opportunity. I'm very thankful to have children who aren't very picky and will clean their plates. They are used to a meal-routine.

I'll share my step-by-step making of husband's favorite breakfast sandwiches tomorrow!

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