Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Organize a Kids Christmas Craft Day | Holiday Hospitality #3

Yesterday while us moms got together to sign Christmas cards the kiddos were all gathered in our schoolroom for an edible, Christmas craft! They made sugar cone Christmas trees.

This is such a fun craft for the kiddos, and they enjoy it so much because they can eat their masterpiece :) Most all my friends have small children, so I am always trying to think of creative ideas for the kids when they are over. It also allows for us moms to fellowship!

Here is a look at how I organized this very affordable craft for our guests:

1. First I purchased all of our supplies a week before. 

For these Sugar Cone Christmas Trees I purchased:

2 boxes of storebrand sugar cones
3 containers of green holiday frosting
2 bags of holiday M&Ms
1 box storebrand plastic spoons
Storebrand paper plates
Holiday Napkins from the Dollar Tree
Disposable holiday table cloth, also from the Dollar Tree

2. Set up craft space the night before
 I didn't put the M&Ms out right away in case curious hands made their way to them...

3. Invite guests in for the fun!

I hope you enjoyed Day 3 of our Holiday Hospitality Series! What are some ways you are opening up your home to others this Christmas season? I'd love for you to share!

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